Dentist: *Has multiple things in your mouth*

"So how’s school?"


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me as a parent

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The famous arrow scene near the end was in fact done with real arrows. That is, the arrows hitting the wooden planks were not done with special effects, but rather choreographed with archers. Mifune waves his arms to brush away the arrows sticking from the planks, indicating to them that he wanted to go in that particular direction. The real arrows were included to get Mifune’s facial expressions of real-life fear, which is exceptionally hard to imitate. Of course, the arrows that hit the Mifune character were bamboo fakes.

Throne of Blood (1957)


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Becket, this is Mako Mori.


But look how they perceived each other too. This memory isn’t an exact one (memories rarely are). Raleigh’s perception of Mako was very close up and she’s this stunning, slightly sad, closed off thing framed by her umbrella like a halo. She looks exquisite and unapproachable in a way. Mako’s perception of Raleigh has him looking far more serious and sad than he actually looked when they met. The camera angle zooms in like she was suddenly really taking in who this guy was and he looks forbidding and far more warrior like than he ever does in real life. If you notice, that one frame makes him look more like Stacker than any other moment in that movie. If that was her perception, something about Raleigh ALREADY reminded her of the level of command her father had and not only is she the only one in the movie who sees that, but we realize it’s an internal thing on Raleigh’s part because he doesn’t ACT like Stacker, but he sure has the same grit.

I so love when people see things I miss! When I saw these gifs together, my jaw dropped. They actually took the time to refilm their first meeting. Blows my mind how much thought they put into the drift sequences. I wish we could get a point by point explanation of each drift cause there is a lot in there we don’t understand.

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just use this excuse any time you don’t want to go to school